Do you offer financing?

Yes we now offer financing and we can set you up in the comfort of your own home, no need to drag you to a boring office! or if you would rather, you can apply on your own and find out right away! just follow the link on the easy financing page.

How can you operate in the winter time in Alberta?

We operate in winter time for all trades because we have the equipment to allow us to do so. We also use products that are rated for lower temperature installation as well as high temperatures. So this means you don't have to fuss with the busy season to get a job completed.

Will you come to the jobsite to do Quotes?

Yes we do all quotes on the jobsite and love to meet the homeowner there to ensure we are getting them an accurate quote for their investment.

What size jobs will you complete?

We will complete jobs as small as adding a vent to your house to as large as all exteriors on a full gated community or a line of condos! we can even handle building a full custom garage from ground up. We will complete any job you have your heart set on.

Do you cleanup after the job is completed?

Yes we do a full cleanup on every job including gutters for roofing jobs and full ground cleanup with a magnetic nail sweep. and if for some reason something was missed we would be more then happy to come back!

Do you offer warranty?

Yes! Craftsman Exteriors offers our famous lifetime Craftsmanship warranty on every job. As well as we use products that offer warranties.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes we do have liability insurance.